5 Second Rule a Myth

Sun, Mar 21, 2010


Ever wonder if the 5-second rule works? The one where if you drop a food item on the floor it’s still safe to eat before  the 5 seconds are up? Well don’t bet your health on it!

San Diego State University did a study (funded by Clorox Co.) where they dropped baby carrots and sippy cups on a tiled floor, kitchen sink, carpeted floor, a table and a counter top. Each surface that the cups and carrots were dropped on produced germs on the items within 5 seconds.

The worst surface? The counter top! Next was the carpeted floor and tiled floor. The sippy cup apparently picked up the most germs from the highchair tray. The study didn’t just stop at the germs but also went on to survey 500 parents and found that 65% of them said they followed the 5 second rule.

Here’s a video found on youtube.com, where they show the results between a park, concrete outside, and in a home. They used cantaloupe, shrimp and a jelly bean to do their research. Check out the amazing results!

Video by saycheese10times.
Photo by brunomcgee.

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