Britain vs. France, Who cooks better?

Tue, Mar 23, 2010


The British are better at cooking than the French. Please don’t kill the messenger! This is according to a survey done by the French magazine Madame Le Figaro and the BBC’s food magazine Olive. The survey was done, at least in part, because Nicolas Sarkozy, France’s President, wanted the French haute cuisine to be declared a “world treasure”  by the United Nations.

A French television station said: “They trounced us at Trafalgar. They whipped us at Waterloo. Now the English have scored their ultimate victory: they are better at cooking than us … we, the self-proclaimed kings of nosh.”

The survey done included 2,000 French and nearly 1,350 Britons whom were asked about their eating and cooking habits. The answers provided said 72% of Britons cook at home daily while only 59% of the French. How many don’t cook? 4% of French admitted to it, which is apparently four times more than Britons.

Marylene Gagioli said, “French women don’t cook as much as they used to during the week because they work more and don’t have the time.” And, “They freeze a lot more or serve ready-cooked things instead of serving something freshly prepared and made from scratch. It’s just not the same. But many of them, like my friends who work, make up for it at the weekend when they have more time.”

On the other hand Thierry Darras, responsible for the poll done by Madame Le Figaro said, “They may spend more time than the French in the kitchen during the week but the findings were reversed at the weekend,”

This may be true or false depending on what food you like. Can anyone really say one nation cooks better than the other? There can always be 10 different people cooking the same dish and not one come out correctly while 2 cook the same dish and both get it right. Isn’t it a matter of who tries the hardest as well as knowing what they are doing in the kitchen rather than who cooks more often?

What kind of cuisine do you like more? Rustic or refined? British or French? Do you like another kind more than either of those?

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Eiffel Tower photo by முதல் அ வரை.
Big Ben photo by [lucas.gomes]

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