Celebrate Earth Month with Whole Foods Film Festival

Thu, Apr 8, 2010


April is Earth month and April 22 is Earth day, where we all celebrate the Earth by trying to be more eco-friendly. Whole Foods will have a food film festival going on through out April in celebration of our planet.

They will be showing many films in different states that all have to do with food and the food industry. Here’s a short list of some of what you’ll be able to view.

Food Inc. is a film that “exposes the underbelly of America’s food industry.” It’s a film that also helps make one more aware of where our food comes from and how it affects our world.

The film King Corn follows the journey of corn from seed to plate. “Two recent college grads produce a bumper crop of corn from genetically modified seed, they discover what really happens to the bulk of this “king of American crops” after it leaves the grain elevator.”

The Future of Food helps to give a better understanding about the American food system. The documentary helps to make the technology, regulations, legalities, ethical and environmental as well as consumer issues seem not so complex.

If you are interested in where the films will be showing in your state, go to Lets Retake Our Plates and find out more about the festival and what will be on in your area!

Photo by IronRodArt – Royce Bair

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  1. Francoise Riffon Says:

    I have looked at eco-friendly alternatives, so far I have installed solar panels on my home but while looking for a electric car I find the cost doesnt justify it for me. While I am passionate about making green choices whenever possible it is up to people like you and I to spread awareness and let the companies know there is a demand. Your website looks popular and I think you can help influence society with your insight and eco tips. by the way I found your site by searching Celebrate Earth Month with Whole Foods Film Festival | Made in Kitchen Blog and you were the first result. So I think your website is a good platform to discuss ideas that are thought provoking and influence your readers to go green. – Good luck with your site, you deserve it – Bill

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