ChopChop Gets Kids Interested in Food

Thu, Apr 8, 2010

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Gourmet, Bon Appetit, Savour are all food filled magazines that if you aren’t a food enthusiast just one look in them will at the very least get those creative kitchen juices flowing. There are plenty of other publications catering to adults who love food but now there is new food magazine to get children interested as well.

is food magazine (quarterly) with a website for younger kids (5-12 years) that will help to educate about cooking and food. The thought of teaching children how to eat healthy and get them to want to be more involved with the food that is put in their tummies is one of the main ideas behind the magazine. It’s also focused on helping to reverse and prevent childhood obesity.

It’s plan is also to help get children interested in trying new foods as the recipes are supposedly ethnically diverse. There is supposed to be food facts, games and Q & A’s that will help get kids even more involved.

Sally Sampson is the founder and president of ChopChop and is also the author of 20 cookbooks. The idea came from conversations with doctors about the diets of children. She told Slashfood, “Pediatricians told me that healthy eating is all they talk about with patients. ChopChop very quickly morphed from a pamphlet that doctors could hand out during well-care visits into a magazine.”

What do you think about a magazine geared toward gaining interest with kids? Do you think it will help to effect the choices when it’s something focused more on them than adults?

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