Cocktails and the Naming Game

Thu, Jun 24, 2010


Cocktails and the Naming Game

You go out to have a few drinks with friends after work or on a Friday night. All you want is a nice cocktail, but first you have to come up with the correct name. Over at the New York Times, Frank Bruni has found a little reason to the rhyme behind the cocktail name.

The names of drinks nowadays can be confusing, there is no longer just a Vodka on the Rocks or a Tequila Sunrise, where you know exactly where they get their name. Now instead you hear of drinks with names like From Beirut With Passion or the Legend of Zarro.

When asked, Adam Schuman explained, “It’s a mythological creature that resembles a werewolf and sucks the blood out of baby goats.”  Talking about the drink Chupacabra, made up of ginger liqueur, watermelon and tequila. The thought behind this is that it will peak the interest of patrons, wanting to learn more about the name, enjoy saying the word, then of course ordering one.

Other cocktail writers don’t always go with this same sort of idea behind their cocktail names and instead go for humor, names that have to do with the ingredients, or names based on the restaurant that is serving the drink.

The naming game is interesting none the less. It gives a way for those that enjoy figuring out riddles, weather they are easy or hard, to enjoy bit of thought provoking conversation. It also shows a bit more work and thought put into a tasty beverage!

Photo by Cayusa

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