Cheating on Food with already Prepped Food

Fri, Mar 19, 2010

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Cheating on Food with already Prepped Food

When in the kitchen there are many things we have to do in order to prep our food before cooking it usually. When it comes to these culinary chores, people have seemed to have decided to take a culinary shortcut by getting vegetables that are already prepped such as peeled potatoes and carrots, cheese already grated or shredded, fruit already sliced. These food “cheats” are becoming more and more abundant in kitchens.

With sales of potato mix, peeled veggies and diced onions on the rise  does that mean there is a decline in culinary skills? It doesn’t actually take too much skill to boil an egg or peel vegetables but both are on store shelves already done for the consumer.

“I work with children a lot and some of them think milk comes from a tiger or a chicken. Some products, such as ready-prepared mango, melon or passionfruit are great for giving to children to introduce them to new tastes without having to buy a whole one, but they then don’t have a clue what a whole mango looks like,” Lesley Ball told the BBC. “This happens even with something as simple as an orange. They associate food not with something that’s grown, but with a shop.”

Not only does prepared food like this alter people’s (especially those who don’t have a way to find out differently with out help like children) perception about food and where it comes from, but it’s more expensive and also produces more waste with plastic containers to hold the pre-prepped food.

People don’t want to be bothered with their own food prep, not because of it taking lots of skill, but because of the time it takes. When you make food from scratch, it holds all the effort your put into it. It’s a little scary to think that the new fast-food may be pre-prepared veggies that lack the love and care that used to be added automatically just by taking a few minutes to do it yourself.

How long does it take you to peel your veggies? Do you think it’s worth the time and effort? Do you prefer to have it already done for you and do you think it affects how the meal that is made is appreciated?

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2 Responses to “Cheating on Food with already Prepped Food”

  1. Ed Schenk Says:

    I like your point about the children not knowing where food comes from. Other than that there is a disctinction between pre- prepped foods and convenience foods. I normally don’t buy either due to the cost but with time considerations I might buy a pre prepped item (bagged salad etc.). I don’t realyy use any convenience product due mostly to the high sodium content involved ( instant potato etc.).

  2. Rochelle Says:

    I can see why people buy food like bagged salad and such, but most of the other things, I’d rather take the 10 minutes to chop and peel than spend the extra money. Also I find doing the prep work along with cooking to be enjoyable, they are both calming in a way :)

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