Food Sensitivity Across Countries

Sun, Mar 21, 2010


Are you from the US, Italy, Norway, or Germany? Would it surprise you to find out that people from those countries are more likely to have food allergies or sensitivities than people from say Iceland or Spain? In fact, according to a recent study, people from Portland, Oregon are at the highest end of the spectrum with 25% of the population showing to be more likely to have a food sensitivity.

The US, Germany, Italy and Norway all came in at about 22% of the population having food sensitivities compared with Britain and France at 14%, and Iceland and Spain at the lowest with 11%. Oddly enough however, the sensitivities that people seem to have aren’t what previously were thought to be the most likely culprits of food allergies and sensitivities like fish, eggs and milk which were actually the least common. Instead they were more likely to be hazelnuts, peaches, shrimp, wheat and apples.

The study, published in the journal Allergy, included 4,500 adults from 13 different countries. The participants’ blood was tested for their body’s immune system response to different foods.  One also must remember that sensitivity to food doesn’t necessarily mean an allergy, which is a specific reaction (usually immediate) such as hives, wheezing, swelling or digestive problems.

If you’re wondering what people seemed to be most sensitive to, that would be hazelnuts and least likely to be sensitive to were fish and eggs, as some countries showed no sensitivity to either one.

Photo by Lamees (L.Y.S)

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