Food Trucks Come to Food Network!

Thu, Apr 29, 2010


In food television you see plenty of shows that feature recipes and how to cook, along with chefs going to different places in the world and food competitions. It’s rare to hear much about street food and food trucks in particular. Food Network has decided to listen to the foodies all over the country by doing a show on food trucks!

According to, Food Trucks is a show where “Tyler Florence hosts as seven teams of the country’s best food truck cooks hit the road to sauté their way across America. Each week, the teams that sell the most food in the challenge city race to the next episode, and the losing team drives home. One food truck team comes out on top and wins a $50,000 grand prize!”

For those that don’t know much about food trucks, they are mobile kitchens that sell food. These include ice cream trucks, lunch trucks, breakfast trucks, snack trucks, or break trucks. You usually see them in metropolitan areas and tend to be found close to office complexes, movie sets, military bases, college campuses, basically wherever there are customers that need food on the go such as at work and schools. Fairs and festivals are also an excellent place to find food vendors like this. These mobile food kitchens also bring a variety of different cuisines to many people, giving their customers many choices in one small area.

Food Trucks premiers August 15th at 10pm!

What do you think about food trucks? Will you be there to check it out? What’s been the best food you’ve gotten from one of these mobile restaurants?  Are you a loyal customer of a food truck company? Let us know!

Photo by stu spivack

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