Meatless Mondays, an Excellent way to Improve Health for You and the Planet!

Thu, May 6, 2010


Meatless Mondays, an Excellent way to Improve Health for You and the Planet!

When looking around at many of the food sites on Mondays, you may see the term “Meatless Monday” frequently in relation to posts and recipes.  This is an excellent way to find dishes that are vegetarian or vegan and incorporate them into your weekly menu. It can also help the environment’s health as well as your own!

A visit to the Meatless Monday site, will tell you that their main goal is to reduce meat consumption by 15% and that they are a non-profit that is in association with the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. The site is full of nutritious alternatives to meat and recipes that will fulfill the daily recommendations for nutrition.

If you’re wondering even more about why going meatless for one day a week, and how it will help with your own health as well as the environment, they cover that too. It may reduce risks for conditions that can be prevented with a change in diet such as diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease. As for the health of our planet, it can reduce your carbon footprint by saving fresh water and fossil fuels in order to transport foods.

Some people are so into this idea that they are including it in their restaurants. Celebrity Chef Mario Batali has decided to get in on the meatless action by including in his 14 restaurants at least 2 vegetarian dishes on Mondays!

“The fact is, most people in the U.S. eat way more meat than is good for them or the planet,” says Chef Batali “Asking everyone to go vegetarian or vegan isn’t a realistic or attainable goal. But we can focus on a more plant-based diet. That’s why I’m such a big believer in the Meatless Monday movement!”

For those that want more information on Meatless Monday, make sure to check out their site. There are plenty of recipes to try and even some recipe videos to take a look at!

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