New Calorie Law Will Force Restaurants to Reveal Nutrition Facts

Mon, Apr 5, 2010


Recently there has been a law put into effect in the US that will require “all food chains and restaurants with more than 20 locations” to state their calories on their menus. The food providers will have to comply with this in 2011.

The whole idea is to target unhealthy eating habits and mainly obesity. The thought is that with the food showing what’s in them, the food consumers will feel guilty about the unhealthy food and instead make a healthier choice. Most people don’t know or realize how much salt, trans fats, and calories they consume just by going out to dinner instead of eating at home.

The FDA will also have to create new standards for the menu labels. This will also effect vending machines.

Mary Story, a nutritionist and obesity expert at University of Minnesota has said, “Right now, when coffee drinks can range from 20 calories to 800 calories and even hamburgers can range from 250 calories to over 1,000, people have no idea what they’re eating.“
Do you think this will make a difference in the choices people make when going out to eat? Would people ignore the nutrition info? Will restaurants choose to make better choices in the foods they prepare for their patrons? Please give us your opinion!

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3 Responses to “New Calorie Law Will Force Restaurants to Reveal Nutrition Facts”

  1. Bonnie Says:

    Iwould hope people would make a better choice of what they eat if they are informed. I know I will.

  2. Shayla Sampieri Says:

    I Appreciate you for taking the time to approach this topic. I like your perspective on this subject.

  3. Buy Vending Machines Says:

    Finding good information from blogs is not always easy, but you have done a great job here, interesting title ( New Calorie Law Will Force Restaurants to Reveal Nutrition Facts | Made in Kitchen Blog ) too, cool.

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