Snack Time?

Mon, Feb 8, 2010


Snack Time?

Snack time is known everywhere (at least in the US and Canada) as a thing that is a must in between meals. For children it seems to be even more often, as they have snack time at school and then expect it after school, and again whenever they go do an extra curricular activity (practice, games, recitals, tournaments, holiday parties etc).  Over at the New York Times there is even an article on just that.

We tend to eat whenever there is a social event going on, or when we are bored and call it a snack. Problem is most of the time it’s not very healthy.  Most people tend to go buy something from the store that they know the kids/adults will eat and is cheap, like cookies, packaged fruit treats (that are usually more sugar than any kind of fruit), or chips/crisps and to go with it is soda or fruit box drinks.

This is ok to have once in a while as a “treat“,  but not every day a few times a day (for every snack time). Maybe we should watch this a bit closer and change our snacks to fruits (real ones not fruit flavored sugar), vegetables, nuts and possibly home made goodies that we know are made with nutritious ingredients.  Instead of soda and fruit drinks, have water instead.

Snacks aren’t a bad thing, in fact having a small snack between meals can help keep your body’s energy up and  keep blood sugar normal as long as you’re using body fuel that is healthy and not harmful!

Photo by anyjazz65.

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