Tips to Eat Well on Less Than $70!

Wed, Apr 21, 2010


Buying food on a budget can be a chore and time consuming, especially when the budget is just under $70 for a week and for a family of 4! Most would think that you can’t afford much on such a small budget, in fact most would think it was nearly impossible to feed your family on it. It’s thought that all you could get would be the bare bones basics. An article on Google proves that you can do it if you follow some great basic rules!

The Associated Press asked three people to participate, two chefs and a magazine food editor, to plan out a full week (7 days) of meals for a family of four with the budget they would have if they were using food stamps (the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), which is a grand total of $68.88 per week.

Jose Garces said that, “It was tough. You really have to think outside the box.. When you are used to creating food the way we do, it takes you back.”

All three suggested cooking from scratch and not use processed foods with the main agreement that they aren’t nearly as healthy.  They also aren’t easy to stretch by adding them to other meals or having leftovers.  Buying seasonally also was something that was suggested. Seasonal foods are usually cheaper thanks to more of them being available.

Food that can either be turned into something else later in the week or makes leftovers is also a great idea. One meal of ziti with broccoli, toasted garlic, and shell beans was turned into meatballs for another night.
A soup like nail soup also keeps vegetables from going bad and can make  enough for a few servings.

Buying basics such as eggs, milk, beans (dry are usually cheaper than canned), pastas and potatoes are easier ways to make meals more filling for less. Another would be flour, take one day of the week and make some homemade bread, pasta, or tortillas. If you look there are many fairly quick recipes for making any of these on the internet.

Last but not least are spices and herbs. These can be inexpensive if bought in the little bags instead of glass or plastic bottles. They can bring a lot of flavor to food, making it go from bland to flavorful instantly. You can also go from an American dish to Indian, Mexican, or Asian just  by changing the spice in it.

What other tips do you have to help keep to your budget? Please share your ideas!

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