World’s Most Popular food

Sat, Feb 6, 2010

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World’s Most Popular food

Ever wonder what the world’s most popular food is? At they seem to have figured it out! Apparently it’s pizza. In the U.S. alone pizza is a $36 billion  business, and according to their sources schoolchildren prefer pizza to anything else.

However if you google What is the most popular food in the world?” you’ll come up with a few different answers. One place says rice, another say bread, but even if pizza isn’t the #1 food in the world, it’s obviously up near the top of the charts, not only that but you can also make pizza with those ingredients so it’s understandable why the three foods seem to be on the top of the popular food list.

Pizza can be found in nearly every country, it is very popular in Europe and especially in Iceland where they say there are more Domino’s pizza outlets per capita than any other country. Even India has a love for pizza where two of the biggest pizza chains are competing to see who can open the most locations. In China there are about 700 pizzerias in Shanghai and Beijing each, not to mention The Chinese Pizza Championships.

Of course the U.S. however has approximately 3000 pizzerias in New Jersey alone and it’s not even considered the “center of the pizza universe”. That would be New York.

With so many ways to top a pizza and different ways to make your own, you can do just about anything with pizza and make it good. There are savory pizzas and sweet pizzas, breakfast pizzas and dessert pizzas. All that you really need is to find your perfect crust and you can make it at home and it can rival any restaurant version!

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