Yale’s Psychology, Biology and Politics of Food

Fri, Apr 30, 2010


Food means a lot to people for different reasons. It means enough that Yale has created a whole series of twenty-three lectures on the subject. It’s called “The Psychology, Biology and Politics of Food”.

The course brings the issues of  how advertising effects how we think about food. Kelly D. Brownell asks his students to fill in the blank to questions like what “melts in your mouth, and not in your hand?” among many other very well known catch phrases used by food companies. These are the easiest of the questions, however.

Some of the more interesting and thought provoking questions are related to more serious things such as food addiction, should the government be involved with the country’s food, and for an even more in depth question, how do you define “food”?

This course even includes such topics as food as comfort and friendship, taste preferences, eating as a social ritual, agriculture, eating disorders, malnutrition and many others. It also has a list of reading materials such as In Defense of Food and Professor Brownell’s own book Food Fight.

This class is available to both students at Yale and as an Online course and can be viewed and listened to on both YouTube and iTunes.

The extensiveness of the lectures is sure to help stimulate your mind and the way you think about food. What do you think about this class? Will you be checking out the online videos?

Source: New York Times
Photo by westpark

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