Grow Your Own Mushrooms

Thu, May 6, 2010

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Grow Your Own Mushrooms

Are you one of those people who are interested in growing as much of your food as possible? It’s pretty easy to get some herb pots going or some vegetables, but when it comes to things like mushrooms, most people think it’s not even possible. If you pick your own mushrooms, you never know what you’re going to get out in the wild, as they could be fine for you or possibly poisonous.
That’s where the Mushroom Man comes in. Brooklyn, New York’s Kendall Morrison is the Mushroom Man and the New York Times did an article on him and his new passion of growing his own mushrooms. He doesn’t do it all on his own however. He has 15 volunteers that help him. This spring and this fall will be when they’ll get to reap the rewards of growing the fungi in their own salvaged logs. Each log will produce about a pound of mushrooms.

Mr. Morrison will not only distribute the mushrooms amongst his volunteers but his nonprofit group, EcoStation: NY will sell the mushrooms at the Bushwick Farmers’ Market!

You may be curious how to do this on your own. Don’t worry, because there are mushroom kits you can buy! This makes it easier to acquire rarer or more expensive varieties of mushrooms like shitake, lobster, lion’s mane, etc.

What do you think about harvesting your own mushrooms? What about other types of food that you can grow? What edible plant do you enjoy growing the most?

Photo by brian glanz

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