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How to Make Easy Ricotta Cheese at Home

How to Make Easy Ricotta Cheese at Home


Who knew RIcotta Cheese cold be so easy to make! I have these memories of waking up in the country in Sicily on a winter holiday. The Carrettu Sicilianu driven by the Ricotta vendor, yelling “Ricotta frisca,.. vinitil’a pigghiari” while making his route on narrow unpaved street early every morning. Carrettu SIcilianu 1890 The morning call at dawn when the sun was still away from sight was a familiar wake up call. The women in the neighborhood come out calling to him “Avvossia, vinissi cca”, with their receptacle in one hand and the money change in the other. They ask for one or more scoops of the fresh ricotta with the hot whey, which he prepares early every morning while everyone is asleep. The smell and sweet warm taste of the ricotta is a memory of comfort. When he opens his cistern, the smell travels to all the homes in the neighborhood and more women come out for a taste of that creamy delicacy. For years I missed the pleasure of having hot ricotta in whey in the morning. Today I fix it routinely at home in no time at all. The day I make it, I eat it as a soup with my favorite 1 day old Nonna’s Crusty Bread, ripped in pieces and thrown inside the soup. So I relive my memories of a bygone era, even if for a moment, while I savor the flavor of Sicily. On the days I prepare it, I store the unused portion in the refrigerator for use on future dishes, such as my Cassata or my gnocchi, or on pasta, even for eating plain on a night when we eat cold dishes. The extra whey you can use in many ways, some people just discard it but here are a few ideas on how to use this delicious stock. Add it to bread making, cook beans in it or boil meat, use it in creamy soups etc...It is full of protein, vitamins and minerals, it’s a shame to waste it!*


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13 April 2010




Pour the milk, the heavy cream and salt in a stainless steel pot, give it a quick stir. Cook it on high until just before boiling point Shot off burner and add vinegar, give it a quick stir and just let it sit for about 5 minutes. The curds will separate away from the whey. Set a colander or a wire mesh strainer, in a bowl large enough to sit in it. With a wire spoon strainer gently scoop the curd out of the pot and place in the colander When all the curds are out of the whey, you may discard the whey or use it suggested above* Once the Ricotta cheese has drained you need not squeeze any excess whey, now it is ready to be refrigerated in a closed container until ready to use.
Time required
15 mins
Difficulty level
Cost of ingredients
Country of origin
  • 1 gallon whole milk
  • 1 quart heavy cream
  • 1/2 tbsp salt
  • 1 cup apple cider vinegar


Use it On pasta In Desserts Instead of cream cheese With fresh fruit and sugar


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17 April 2010
I actually write the Made In Kitchen English blog :) which you can see by either clicking on the blog link or just typing in and I have one of my own at I try to add in the basics of cooking because so many people either think it's too hard to do or they are just learning how :)
15 April 2010
You are the girl with the poaching an egg recipe? I love that too, practical stuff that is the basic to cooking. Do you have a blog?
15 April 2010
Having a recipe for ricotta cheese is great! I love being able to make my food from scratch if I can, and am always looking for recipes like this!!


How to Make Easy Ricotta Cheese at Home

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